DriveClub Update 1.03 Fixes Game Issues, Reduces Server Load

Along with the server updates Evolution Studios pushed live over the weekend for DriveClub, game update 1.03 was also brought out to help the server load, as well as to fix some issues with the game itself.

Weighing in at 130MB, here’s the patch notes for update 1.03:

  • Implements several game-side fixes to reduce server load.
  • Fixes an issue that may cause Clubs to become corrupted.
  • Fixes out of memory crashed due to multiple large avatars on the friends’ list.
  • Fixes occasional game-side crashes when uploading large amounts of progress data.

If the update still isn’t available for you to download, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky said, “Patches are staggered per region. As soon as they exit QA they’ll be made available.”

Have you noticed your DriveClub experiencing improving since last week?

[Source: Paul Rustchysnky Twitter (1), (2) via Crave Online]