Rainbow Six Siege’s Hostage Rescue Mode “Creates the Best Story to Tell”

In a recent post by Ubisoft, numerous Ubisoft employees talk about Rainbow Six Siege‘s Hostage Rescue mode, which will be a core part of the upcoming game.

The information about the game mode comes as part of the “Behind the Wall” video series put on by Ubisoft, which allows the public to get a glimpse at what Rainbow Six Siege looks like behind the scenes. The recent entry focuses only on the Hostage Rescue mode, and the game’s creative director Xavier Marquis mentions how the idea for the mode came into fruition.

If we ask ourselves which mission creates the best story to tell, it isn’t disarming a bomb, it isn’t breaking into a building and making an assault… It is to be able to extract, to save, a hostage. We told ourselves that we were able to inject in the game, in the PVP, an immersive narrative with the inclusion of a hostage. We add a layer of reality for the player, letting them live the life of an intervention force.

The mode essentially has players rescuing hostages amid enemy fire. The hostages will have to be moved out of danger, but doing so puts both the player and the hostage at risk. The mode looks intensely difficult, and while extracting hostages will not necessarily result in a win, it adds another layer of difficulty and emotional connection onto the game.

What do you think of this upcoming game mode? Will you be getting a copy of Rainbow Six Siege when it comes out in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC?

[Source: Ubisoft]