PS4 Share Play PlayStation Plus Requirements & Trophy Restrictions Detailed

Inside PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.00 is the new Share Play feature (see it in action here), which allows you to give a friend control of your game, give them the second player controller, or share your screen with them.

As part of the PlayStation Blog post detailing Share Play, they confirmed who will need PlayStation Plus when using each of the different functions:

  • Share Screen — Share your screen with a friend, allowing them to spectate. This is ideal for PS4 owners that want to watch their friends play a game and provide helpful tips. PlayStation Plus is not required to use this.
  • Hand over my controller — Pass your controller to a friend, virtually, and watch them play. Your friend does not need to own, or even download the game, in order to use this feature. This is perfect for introducing your friends to new games. The host will need to be a PlayStation Plus member, but the guest does not.
  • Hand over the second player controller — If a game supports local multiplayer, you can have your friend join as player two. Again, the visitor does not need to own, or download the game in order to use this feature. Both players will need PlayStation Plus to use this feature.

To help clear up a few things about Share Play, Andrew Kelly of PlayStation Public Relations went on the PS Blog:

  • He reiterated that each Share Play session is limited to one hour, “regardless of whether both users own the game.” You’ll then be able to launch another Share Play session after the hour is up, with no limits to the amount of sessions.
  • “Trophies gained during Share Play will be reflected on the host’s account, not the visitor’s.”
  • If you were hoping to have four players using the feature, Kelly shot that down by saying, “Share Play is limited to two players (host and guest).”
  • “Think of it this way: Share Play is like having a friend sitting next to you on the couch, except here you’re doing it virtually.”

Will you be testing out Share Play tomorrow?

[Source: PS Blog]