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PS4 Promised Features – Has Sony Delivered?

What did Sony promise during the PS4 reveal, and did they deliver on ’em? Read on and find out.

Share Play is the PS4’s Best Feature and Nobody is Talking About It

Bringing couch co-op online.

Destiny Player Tries to Use Supposed Share Play Glitch to Level Up Character, Learns Valuable Lesson Instead

And this is why you don’t let strangers take control of your PS4.

11 Reasons Why It’s Time You Owned a PS4

Time to upgrade to the PS4! Here’s why.

Sony Aware of PS4 Share Play Issues, Says Error Message is Inaccurate

Looks like those FIFA 15 Share Play errors are just temporary.

PS4 Share Play Guide Outlined in Video

Here’s how to share the PS4 way.

Here’s Some of the PS4 Titles That Restrict Share Play

Can’t we all just get along?

Sony Releases PS4 Share Play Walkthrough Video, New Live Action PS4 Ad (Update)

Watch out for Viking attacks.

Sony: Developers Have the Option to Disable PS4 Share Play (Update)

Hopefully it doesn’t become a trend.

PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 Out Now, Fully Detailed

Standby Mode is now Rest Mode, Mouse has been added to Device Settings, and more revealed.

PS4 Share Play Maxes Out at 720p for Guests, More Details Revealed

Sony is “aware” of people wanting PSN name changes.

PS4 Share Play PlayStation Plus Requirements & Trophy Restrictions Detailed

Reminder: Share Play sessions are limited to one hour.

Watch the Official Share Play Walkthrough Video to See How It Works

The wait is almost over.

PS4 Share Play Feature Limited to 60-Minute Sessions

Don’t worry, there’s no limit to the amount of sessions you can play.

Here are the Most Surprising Moments of gamescom 2014

See what announcements and non-announcements surprised as the most!

Yoshida Explains PS4 Share Play, Any Game That Uses DualShock 4 is Compatible (Update)

You can get help from friends, too.