Latest Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer is Live-Action, and Lets You “Discover Your Power”

Activision has pushed out yet another Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer today, but this isn’t all about gameplay, but instead, is entirely live-action. Well, at least it seems to be.

Directed by Hollywood director Peter Berg (Lone Survivor, Battleship), the trailer stars Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and  Emily Ratajkowski (Blurred Lines girl, Gone Girl) and showcases the power of the Exosuit to great effect.

While some people might object to Activision spending a good sum for its live-action spots for each year’s version of Call of Duty, I have to admit, these things are well done, and might attract the masses should they see it.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle’s Advanced Warfare review set to go up in time for the shooter’s release next Tuesday.