Upcoming Indie Title “Minutes” is Coming to PS4 and PS Vita Next Week in Europe

October 31, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

In a series of Twitter posts, the one-man dev studio Red Phantom Games’ Richard Ogden released all you need to know about his upcoming PlayStation 4 and PS Vita title Minutes.

The game is set to hit the European PS Store on November 5, and a US release date will be announced soon. Spanning 60 levels, the whole focus of the game is to provide an artistic, musical experience while challenging the player with puzzles and challenges.

Minutes will also feature a daily challenge mode, in which a randomly generated level will be released each day. Ogden notes on Twitter that the download file should only 380Mb on the PS4, and will assumedly take up even less room on the PS Vita. The game is also a cross-buy, in case you want to play it on both platforms.

Is Minutes a game that you might check out? What do you think of the game’s trailer?

[Source: Richard Ogden (Twitter) via GamersFTW]