CI Games Working on Two AAA Games, Says Lords of the Fallen Proved Their Production Formula

Marking their first full-priced AAA release, CI Games announced last week that Lords of the Fallen was profitable almost immediately, having shipped 700,000 units to retailers.

Speaking with Polygon, CEO Marek Tyminski talked about the early success:

I think we proved with Lords of the Fallen that our production formula works well. It’s not about how many people you have internally. It’s about the quality of that talent.

In terms of how many people worked on LotF, Tyminski says there were about 65 people at Deck13, with more than 100 other contractors working on the game at certain times. The biggest contributor, however, was Executive Producer Tomasz Gop and his team of 10 people at CI Games. “I would say the majority of the creative and artistic vision for the game was thanks to our guys in Warsaw.”

For the future of CI Games, we know there’s LotF DLC, and Tyminski revealed that they’re working on two more AAA titles right now.

Even with the two AAA games in production, Tyminski doesn’t see them hiring more people, choosing instead to use international partners like Deck13 when necessary:

The polish games industry is not that broad in terms of the number of people who are working in it. Expanding the team to consist mostly of a Polish workforce isn’t an easy thing. Even when you take people on board who are coming from abroad there are still certain limitations in terms of how quickly you can grow. And knowing those constraints, our goal is not to grow significantly in terms of the number of people on each team, but it’s really making smart decisions with synergies and selecting proper partners who can deliver up to the quality that our design team would be establishing.

Would you like to see CI Games work on a sequel to Lords of the Fallen?

[Source: Polygon]