Kickstarter Suspends Funding of Blood-Collecting Video Game Device

A while ago, a Canadian duo sought funding for a rather unusual project via Kickstarter. Called Blood Sport: The Ultimate in Immersive Gaming, the project aimed to modify video game controllers in such a way that when players get shot while playing a game, blood would be drawn from their arm. The intention is to enable gamers to donate blood while doing what they love. 

The idea certainly had a lot of people raising eyebrows. However, it looks like Kickstarter isn’t too convinced about it as the project has been suspended without notice. The creators said that they’re still awaiting an answer from the site.

Our guesses are that perhaps it has to do with our tie in to medical equipment or charity, or safety concerns since we’re not officially partnered with a blood clinic yet (but we’re working on that).

Kickstarter backers were not to receive any devices. The aim of the funding was to enable a series of blood donation events across Canada. Speaking to Joystiq, the creators said that they “genuinely want to bring attention to and help blood donations in Canada,” and will look into the suspension. 

[Source: Joystiq, Kickstarter]