Troy Baker Voicing Nathan Drake’s Brother in Uncharted 4

If you watched Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End PlayStation Experience gameplay demo, you might have noticed a mysterious stranger in the trailer call Nathan Drake “little brother.” 

While details regarding Drake’s older sibling is still kept under wraps, we at least know who’ll be providing the voice behind the character, and it’s none other than veteran video game voice actor, Troy Baker.

This was revealed by Baker on Twitter, where he mentioned the line muttered and added, “Yes, that was me. Damn proud.”

Baker is no stranger to Naughty Dog, as he voiced Joel in the studio’s critically acclaimed The Last Us. Of note, this means that Troy Baker and Nolan North — two of the most prolific video game voice actors today — will be collaborating in the same game for the first time. will be teaming up again.

Do you approve of Baker’s casting? Or should Naughty Dog have opted for a fresher voice?

[Source: Troy Baker (Twitter) via GameSpot]