Still “A Lot of Work to Do” Before DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition Can be Released, Says Evolution

If you were thinking the big update to DriveClub today meant that the PlayStation Plus Edition was nearing release, developer Evolution Studios has some bad news for you.

Replying to someone on Twitter who asked about the PS+ Edition, Evolution said there’s still lots of work to do before it’ll see release:

We still have a lot of work to do to improve server capacity & performance for everybody on PS+ to join. We’ll keep you updated.

Last week, Evolution said, “We will share an update [for the PS+ Edition] when there’s a release date.” Judging by their latest comment today, a 2014 release is looking doubtful.

As for the MyDriveClub app, it’s “on hold until server capacity improves further, to avoid app connections impacting online play.”

Elsewhere, Evolution confirmed replays are still coming in a future DriveClub update, while the option to add private online lobbies is also scheduled to be added somewhere down the road..

Meanwhile, if you’re waiting for the dynamic weather to be added online, Evolution said, “There will be when the Multiplayer events are updated a little later this week.”

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