DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition Update Coming “When There’s a Release Date”

With the December 2014 PlayStation Plus free games now live, and the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition absent, it’s beginning to look like the DriveClub PS+ Edition won’t be out until 2015.

Letting us know there’s no ETA yet, Evolution Studios talked about the PS+ Edition when asked if we’ll have to wait until next year:

No ETA yet, still on hold while sever work progresses. We will share an update when there’s a release date.

After someone pointed out how long the wait has been for the game on PS+, Evolution replied, “We know – it sucks for us too. Rest assured we’re working hard to get you into the game ASAP.”

The DriveClub PS+ Edition wasn’t all Evolution talked about recently on Twitter, as they also gave us updates on weather, replays, and more:

  • If you noticed any downtime recently, it’s because of a new server update. Everything should be back to normal.
  • The next update for DriveClub is expected soon, with challenges available soon as well, and new modes to follow at a later date.
  • A button-mapping fix for the Thrustmaster T300 RS is coming in the next update.
  • On the amount of detail in DriveClub, they said, “We pour all of our passion into development, trying to capture every cars’ heart and soul + insane visual and audio detail.”
  • Like the PS+ Edition, the Companion App won’t release until the “server capacity issues are fixed.”
  • Weather is still coming this year in the “next free game update” and is “in the final stages of development. New sprint tracks will come early next year.”
  • Replays are “coming in a future update,” with a 2015 release date all but guaranteed.
  • A future update will add the right analog stick gas/brake option.
  • “You can customize your car in the Garage (main menu) and we are going to add more defaults in a future update.”
  • Processing in Photo Mode will be improved in a future update.
  • Repeating what they’ve told us before, Evolution said, “Everybody on the team able to work on server improvements is doing so. Everyone else is working to improve and expand the core game.”
  • They are looking into the Big Blocks 400 million cheat.

If the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition does launch in January 2015, it will join inFamous First Light and The Swapper.

[Source: DriveClub (Twitter)]