More Battlefield 4 DLC is on the Way, Vote on Classic Maps You’d Like to See Re-Imagined

While Final Stand may have marked the last piece of originally planned content for Battlefield 4, EA and DICE have confirmed that “there is more content coming to Battlefield 4.”

Full details on what the new content will be and when it will release are coming “in the near future.” As DICE wrote on the Battlelog, “We understand that this may lead to even more questions about our plans, but rest assured that we’ll get back to you on the future of Battlefield 4 when the time is right.”

DICE may have revealed a hint about some of the upcoming content though, asking which classic Battlefield map you’d like to see re-imagined. Adding how they’re “really curious about your input on this topic,” you can head over here to vote on the maps you’d like to see in Battlefield 4.

Which map(s) did you vote for? What do you hope to see in the new content?

[Source: Battlelog]