Mortal Kombat X Won’t Have Platform-Exclusive Characters

Tired of games having platform-exclusive content? Well, if you are, you’ll be glad to know that next year’s Mortal Kombat X will be devoid of such marketing nonsense.

In an interview, Mortal Kombat X Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick opened up and confirmed that plaform-exclusive characters aren’t planned for the figher, which is surprising since its predecessor featured Kratos from the God of War franchise as a playable character for the PlayStation version.

We have no platform exclusive characters planned for MKX.

As of now, the only “exclusive” fighter in the game is Goro, who can be unlocked as a pre-order bonus.

Of course, there’s a chance that this could change once we near the game’s release date in April next year. But for now, take comfort that whatever platform you choose to play MKX, the roster will be the same.

Is this good news for you or would you rather have platform-exclusive characters in games?

[Source: Hardcore Gamer]