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EA COO Peter Moore Calls Attention to Twitter Harassment Rules After Receiving Disturbing Tweets

EA COO Peter Moore recently received some deeply disturbing tweets directed at him and his family, yet he claims Twitter cannot do anything about it.

In one tweet, user xbox_gamer87, who has the profile name Robertclark, said to Moore “hope your wife gets raped.” He continued, saying “hurry up and die old man ur ruining video games. The day u die is the day I throw a street party,” followed by “u scum I hate u and everything related to u.. I hope u ur wife kids family all die then there’s nothing left of u.”

Moore of course reported the comments, but was told by Twitter support that after investigating the said comments, they were found to not violate any Twitter rules. Moore posted a Tweet of an earlier post by Rob Clark, which was posted under a since banned account, citing the “nonsense of Twitter bans.”

What do you think of these disturbing comments? What are your thoughts on Twitter harassment policies?