Far Cry 4 Community Stats Revealed, Over 67 Million Takedowns Performed on the PS4

Ubisoft has released community statistics for its open-world shooter, Far Cry 4, and we’ve got some pretty interesting numbers to share. On the PlayStation 4 alone, over 67 million takedowns were performed, and nearly 200 million animals were hunted. Yikes! Check out the full stats broken down by platform below:

PlayStation 4

Hunted Animals: 197,753,148

Takedowns: 67,003,599

Bullets Shot: 12,148,331,022

Headshots: 158,732,036

PlayStation 3

Hunted Animals: 46,417,765

Takedowns: 20,863,032

Bullets Shot: 2,577,791,952

Head Shots: 39,843,556

We included Far Cry 4 in our November must-play list for a reason! Those who are interested in comparing their progress against the global community stats should head over here

[Source: Ubisoft]