David Jaffe Talks About Drawn to Death Story and Concept, Mentions It Started as a Dodgeball Game

It was nice to see David Jaffe, the famed creator of the PlayStation games Twisted Metal and God of War, return to the spotlight during PlayStation Experience to announce his upcoming game Drawn to Death. In a recent interview with Digital Trends, Jaffe talks more about the PS4-exclusive, explaining what it is about.

Jaffe mentioned in the interview that the main story revolves around a somewhat troubled teen who likes to draw violent images in his sketchbook. These images come to life through the player and violently kill each other.

On the level that we have here [at the PlayStation Experience], we have the kid dealing with his parents’ divorce. We see the girl that has a crush on him, we see the bully that picks on him, and all of that is reflected here. Some of it is in notes in the sky, some of it’s in objects the characters have doodled in the margins that have come alive in the notebook.

Despite the interesting and almost disturbing story, Jaffe has said that the main focus of the game will actually be gameplay itself.

We’re not going to try to get people to come to this game because of the story. This is a multiplayer game. And it’s a world that we feel can sustain, and we want to do stories in, but right now we’re not trying to get you to come on board … [so you can] get that story itch scratched.

Jaffe continues to say that Drawn to Death originated as a dodgeball game that he came up with a few years back. He imagined what it would look like if he drew the characters for the game, and since he claims he is not an artist, he figured everything would look like doodles and sketches. Over the years, the concept grew and developed into the multiplayer shooter that it is today.

What do you think of the idea of Drawn to Death and Jaffe’s comments? Are you looking forward to this game’s release next year?

[Source: Digital Trends]