New Far Cry 4 DLC Launches in January 2015, Sees You Trying to Escape From Durgesh Prison

New Far Cry 4 content is only a few weeks away, as Ubisoft has announced that the Escape From Durgesh Prison DLC is launching on January 13, 2015 in North America and January 14, 2015 in Europe for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Free to Season Pass owners, everyone else can buy it for $9.99.

A time trial where you race against the clock and other players to complete challenges for a spot on the leaderboards, here’s the description for Escape From Durgesh Prison:

In Escape from Durgesh Prison Ajay and Hurk wake up after being captured, tortured and stripped of their weapons in Yuma’s prison. Thrown in the dangerous world of Kyrat without anything to defend themselves with, players will complete a series of challenges to find weapons and unlock new skills while trying to reach the extraction point to safety.

Playable in single player and co-op, this difficult mode will keep players running across Kyrat to complete side objectives dictated by Pagan Min to recover their lost weapons and upgrade their gear before a final stand-off with Yuma’s forces. To ramp up the challenge, when players die they must start the mission over again and use the knowledge and skills they gained during their previous run through to help them reach their extraction point successfully.

Is the inclusion of permadeath going to keep you from playing Escape From Durgesh Prison?