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EA CTO Says Game Industry is Undergoing a “Technology-Led Transformation”

According to EA CTO Ken Moss, the game industry is undergoing a “technology-led transformation” which could open up new opportunities for growth.

In a post on EA’s official blog, Moss outlined what he meant by that, saying that he is keeping an eye on things like “streaming” and “mobile gaming.” He plans to write more on these in the future if, he said, that is what his audience would like to read.

I’ve been lucky in my career to work on cutting edge technology in various high-touch endeavors like search, productivity tools and commerce. The gaming industry is going through a technology-led transformation right now and I think we have a huge opportunity in front of us and a number of exciting challenges to solve. A few of the areas I’m keeping my eyes on include: Games as services, Mobile gaming, Big Data, Security, Streaming, Social Connectivity and Unified Game Engines. Each of these is transformational – and EA is right in the mix. Depending on what you want to hear, I’ll discuss some of these in more detail in future posts, as well as other hot topics.

Prior to working at EA, Moss had high-level technology-related positions at Microsoft and eBay. What do you think of the assertions Moss made? Do you think that the industry is truly undergoing a transformation?

[Source: EA via GameSpot]