Ask PlayStation Clarifies: No Platform or Release Date Announced for Gravity Rush Sequel

Earlier this month, Ask PlayStation, the official Twitter support for PlayStation in North America, said, “Yes, it is designed for the PS Vita,” when someone asked about Gravity Daze 2 (aka Gravity Rush 2). Since the Gravity Rush sequel was never officially named for any specific platform when it was first announced, this answer seemed to leak that it was indeed coming to the PlayStation Vita, despite recent speculation it may have shifted development to PlayStation 4.

Well, Ask PlayStation clarified their original tweet today, issuing this correction:

Apologies, we misread your question. The original game was for PS Vita. No details on platform or release date of the sequel yet.


When concrete details surface for the Gravity Rush sequel, we’ll let you know.

[Source: Ask PlayStation (Twitter 1, 2)]