Rumour: Shadow Realms Possibly Delayed Until 2017 After Numerous Changes

It looks like Shadow Realms, the online role-playing game being developed by BioWare Austin, is currently undergoing a number of heavy development changes. According to an industry source, these changes have led the game to be pushed back until 2017.

Apparently, the changes could lead to an entire overhaul of the game, hence the delay. Further details on the subject are unknown, and it doesn’t seem as if there is any solid evidence that the 2017 delay is necessarily true. Either way, it is clear that something is going on with Shadow Realms, which is supposed to come out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

One of the biggest problems that BioWare could be facing is trying to integrate the game into EA’s Origin service. Originally, developers were not planning on doing this, but have since changed their minds in order to get more money and support. Again, whether or not this is true is unclear, but according to a source listed by Kotaku, it seems to be legit.

What do you think of all this convoluted information? Are you looking forward to Shadow Realms?

[Source: Kotaku]