Bungie Hands Out Free “Legendary” Gift to Destiny Players, Some Fans Not Happy

Just yesterday, we reported that Bungie was planning on doling out free “Legendary” gifts to Destiny players. Well, it seems that gift is now available to be redeemed and some fans aren’t happy about it.

Contrary to speculations, it’s not a new Sparrow that’s being given out, but an actual Legendary weapon! 

First off, here’s the official tweet from Bungie:

Now, on to the bad. Some fans have gone on Twitter to express their disappointment with the free stuff. Here are some of them as captured by Game Informer:

FreeD12 FreeD9 FreeD6 FreeD4 FreeD2Not sure what to make of this. I can understand some people getting upset if they get an item they already have, but then again, it’s free, right? Worse case, dismantle it and get some materials in return. 

Have you received your Destiny gift from Bungie yet? What do you make of all these so far?

[Source: Bungie (Twitter), Game Informer]