Salt and Sanctuary Gameplay Video Shows 13 Minutes of Dark and Intense Action

VattiVidya has just released a full-length gameplay video for Salt and Sanctuary, the 2D RPG that is being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita by Ska Studios, and it looks pretty awesome.

The video features around 13 minutes of gameplay that feels “legitimately feels like a 2D Souls game,” or so the narrator of the video claims. The upcoming game does indeed seem to have much of the dark feel that the Souls games are known for, and the attacks, blocks, parries, and healing mechanisms of the game also seem to be similar.

As of right now, Salt and Sanctuary does not have a conclusive release date, but it should be out sometime this year. What do you think of the gameplay video?

[Source: VaatiVidya (YouTube) via Gematsu]