Salt and Sanctuary Hit By Last-Minute Delay in EU, NA’s Launch and Cross-Buy Issues Addressed

Those in Europe who were hoping to play Salt and Sanctuary on their PlayStation Vita today were disappointed to find out that the game didn’t release in the region. Developer Ska Studios took to Twitter to voice its own disappointment but was unable to reveal what exactly happened.

“We are so sorry about this delay and working to get it available as soon as possible,” Ska said in a blog post.

Although the North American launch went ahead as planned, some players reported issues with the cross-buy option whereby they weren’t able to download the Vita version for free despite already owning the game on PS4. The workaround that Sony has suggested is to re-download the game on your PS4 for the Vita version to unlock.

“Some people are also having luck queuing up the download from the PlayStation Store on the web,” says Ska. They’re working to get it sorted out so it just works, but the workaround at least means you won’t be buying the game twice.”

Last but not least, the developer has published a list of issues that it’s aware of and is currently working on. These are:

  • Online features, such as messages and tombstones, are disabled at the moment
  • Logos on the launch loading screen flicker
  • The launch loading screen just takes too long!

For updates, follow Ska Studios’ blog here.