Salt and Sanctuary Comes to PS Vita on March 28

Released in March 2016 for PlayStation 4, Dark Souls-inspired 2D action-RPG Salt and Sanctuary is coming to PlayStation Vita on March 28 in North America and Europe, Ska Studios announced today. As previously promised, the Vita version will include cross-buy with PS4.

After saying they may have been overambitious in thinking they could release the PS Vita version at the same time as the PS4 version, Ska Studios thanked players for their patience:

Of course, a big thank you to you for your patience and support. No game studio can survive without the respect of its customers, and the last thing we want is to feel like we’re letting you down. You’ve all been so awesome. Keep expunging heretics, making OP builds, doing naked level 1 runs, and abusing glitches. Above all, keep surviving.

Sickhead Games, who handled the console ports of Stardew Valley and Axiom Verge, is behind the Vita port of Salt and Sanctuary. Ska Studios adds:

Not only is Sickhead Games responsible for our Vita port, but they’re the ones behind MonoGame for Vita, without which Vita wouldn’t have received ports of TowerFall and Axiom Verge, which Sickhead also did. They’re as talented as they are overworked.

We had a small hand in the port: nudging some HUD elements here, tightening up the camera there, tweaking an effect or two when we needed to, but our contribution on the Vita port was pretty minimal. The fantastic, talented folks at Sickhead Games were the ones behind all of the low-level, nightmare-inducing logic that will make games like Salt and Sanctuary on Vita even possible.

In our review, we said, “Salt and Sanctuary is fairly shameless in the way it replicates elements from games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but that’s not really a bad thing when you see how it all comes together as a polished and thoroughly enjoyable final product.”

[Source: Ska Studios, PlayStation Blog]