Betting on Jobs Temporarily Disabled in Grand Theft Auto Online

Due to Rockstar investigating an issue with it, betting on jobs in Grand Theft Auto Online has been temporarily disabled. No timeframe was given for a return, with Rockstar only saying it would be back “in a future Title Update.” Since Rockstar tends to release a new update for Grand Theft Auto V every month, we should be getting another patch fairly soon.

As for the problem with lowered framerate and inability to access the Interaction Menu after equipping masks, which cause Rockstar to temporarily remove the Valentine’s Day Massacre masks from players’ inventories, Rockstar now says, “We are in the process of granting the Valentine’s Day Massacre Update content to those affected by the mask removal. Please stay tuned for another update on this page when the gifting is complete.”

GTA Online should also be getting the long-awaited Heists early this year.

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