Next Minecraft Update to Fix Issue Where PS4 Owners in North America Are Unable to Play With People Worldwide

While the most recent update for Minecraft on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita brought horses and many other additions, it also included some bugs that have impacted all versions of the game.

Taking to their Twitter account, 4J Studios confirmed that they’re working on bug fixes right now for the next update on all platforms, which includes the Horse despawn issue, the Redstone issues, and more. Specifically for the PS4, they said, “In the next update, we’ll fix the issue with #MinecraftPS4 in North America not being able to play with players from the rest of the world.”

The update could be arriving a little ways down the road though, with 4J saying, “We’re still working on bug fixes. Once we finish, we have to hand over to Sony & Microsoft test teams for their Cert test.”

Also, Sony fixed the PS3 and PS Vita Save Transfer issue in Minecraft yesterday, meaning that you can now transfer your save game again.

When the new update eventually goes live, we’ll let you know all about it.

[Source: 4J Studios (Twitter)]