Andrew House: PS4 Delay in China Not Related to PSN Attacks

A day ago, we reported that Sony is delaying the launch of the PlayStation 4 in China. While the company didn’t offer any clarification at the time, Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House revealed the reason to The Wall Street Journal. Apparently, the console’s release in the country has been delayed following “a request from the authorities to make an adjustment to the business plan.” 

House addressed speculations and stressed that the delay had nothing to do with the recent spate of DDoS attacks on the PlayStation Network, which left the company struggling to restore services. “It’s completely not associated with any of those issues or indeed any kind of Japan-China relations,” he said.

House also added that the delay will not affect Sony’s partnership with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group for the production of the consoles. But he did say that the company’s “go-to-market strategy” for the PS4 will be affected. He didn’t go into any further details about this, however. 

A new release date has yet to be announced.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal via GameSpot]