Battlefield 4 “Payback” Video Features Insane Shots, Huge Killstreaks, and More

A few months back, users were asked by the Battlefield team to submit video footage of intense Battlefield 4 moments to be used in a video for “Payback,” a song by Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman X Steve Angello. This is what fans came up with.

Set, of course, to the “Payback” song, the video features a whole bunch of insane moments from Battlefield 4, such as huge killstreaks, epic melee kills, and high-flying dogfights. There are also a large number of incredibly ground-to-air shots destroying their intended targets. Some of the shots, such as the one rocket that someone fired from a tank into an airplane, are simply incredible.

Have you made any similarly insane Battlefield 4 shots? If so, please comment below and tell us all about it!