Turtle Rock on Evolve Having a Smooth Launch: “We’re Doing Everything We Can and Just Keeping Our Fingers Crossed”

With multiple tests having been done pre-launch, it’s clear Turtle Rock Studios is doing everything they can to ensure Evolve is prepped and ready for launch on February 10.

In a conversation with Gaming Bolt, Producer Chloe Skew addressed the recent tests, saying they were designed to make sure their matchmaking works, people can play online, and it’s going to be smooth. However, despite Turtle Rock doing “as much testing as we feasibly can given the manpower that we have and the time that we have,” Skew admits, “There’s certain issues that won’t arise until you hit a certain volume of players.”

She continued:

So you can prepare for that as much as you want and hope that everything goes smoothly, but you know there’s just certain things you cannot prepare for. So we’re doing everything we can and just keeping our fingers crossed but you know, we’re not unrealistic about the fact that it can be difficult to come out with something that’s just smooth from the start.

When Digital Foundry analyzed the recent Evolve tests, they revealed that the PlayStation 4 version was targeting 1080p/30fps, while the Xbox One version was at 900p/30fps. Since the game went gold at the beginning of the month it’s hard to imagine anything will change before launch, but Skew did say, “I know that we’re aiming for sixty at 1080p so hopefully we’ll be able to have that at some point in the future if not at launch.” She didn’t elaborate further on this, so it’s possible we may receive a patch around launch to bump up the specs if they aren’t already at 1080p/60fps, and it’s possible to do so.

Are you going to be getting Evolve on launch day?

[Source: Gaming Bolt, Eurogamer]