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2K Shutting Down Evolve’s Dedicated Servers and Several Other Features

Turtle Rock-developed and 2K-published Evolve released to a lot of hype that, unfortunately, fizzled out quicker than the companies had anticipated. Support for the game ended as far back as October 2016, shortly after it went free-to-play on PC.

Dedicated servers and other multiplayer features are still up and running. However, that’s all set to change this year. 2K has announced that it’ll be shutting down the game’s dedicated servers and will disable several features by September. Players will be able to retain all the DLC they purchased but will need to spend their in-game currency before stores are closed. Following this, those who are still interested in playing single-player and peer-to-peer multiplayer will be able to do so in Legacy Evolve, which is another name for the game’s retail version.

Here’s a timeline of the planned server shutdown:

  • July 2, 2018: Virtual currency bundles removed from Evolve Stage 2 and will no longer be available for purchase
  • September 3, 2018: Dedicated servers shut down, Evolve Stage 2 no longer available, in-game store no longer available

What features will still be functional in Legacy Evolve?

  • Multiplayer –
    • Peer-to-peer multiplayer: Players will be able to team up and play against each other through peer-to-peer matchmaking. Players are also able to use the party-up feature to create games.
      • Quick Play
        • Hunt
        • Nest
        • Rescue
        • Defend
        • Arena
      • Evacuation
      • Custom games
    • Single Player (solo vs. AI) –
      • Evacuation
      • Quick Play
      • Custom games
    • My2K login access
    • Access to all hunters, monsters, purchased DLC, skins & player badges

What features are going away?

  • Hunt (Ranked)
    • Players will still be able to play Hunt by going into Quick play and Custom games
  • Player Profile data
  • Leaderboards will no longer be populated with player data
  • The in-game store will be removed
  • The newsfeed will be unavailable
  • Player Badges will be unavailable

For more details, head over to the 2K Support website.