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Dying Light Pokes Fun at Destiny With Loot Cave Easter Egg

Dying Light came out yesterday, and it brought with it hordes of zombies, lots of crafting, and some awesome parkour. But, according to Reddit poster ZachyWillz, it also contains a hilarious reference to Destiny.

Apparently, the Dying Light devs were fans of Destiny‘s loot cave, that exploit that allowed players to gain items and XP extremely fast. If you go to a certain cave in Dying Light — the location of which can be seen in the above video — players will be presented with the message “‘Your destiny is to become legend. Obtain more loot,'” explained ZachyWillz.

After that “infinitely spawning zombies come out from caves and after all are killed it says ‘Enough! Patch 1.0.2 has been released! Do more quests!'” The whole thing is especially hilarious to those of that that have played Destiny, and it was enough to give ZachyWillz “good laughs to me and my bud.”

What do you think about the Easter egg? Are you going to look for it?

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