Paperbound Gets an Official Trailer, Launches on PS4 in February

A 4-person couch multiplayer brawler that Chandler played at PlayStation Experience, Paperbound is now releasing for the PlayStation 4 in February 2015 in North America at $9.99, with Europe getting it in early 2015.

Playing as storybook characters and characters from popular indie games, Paperbound brings them to life for the sole purpose of fighting each other, allowing you to walk on walls and run with scissors in the process:

Invert gravity with the twitch of a thumb, melee unsuspecting friends, and lob ink bombs from the ceiling. Laugh with glee as your enemies hurl themselves upon your blade, staff, or hammer. Be it intense competition or moments of pure hilariousness, Paperbound has something for every brawler fan!

Books you’ll be able to fight in include Skull Kingdom, The Book of Five Rings, Dante’s Inferno, The Book of the Dead, and The Journey to the Center of the Earth. Game modes for two-to-four players on a single screen include Versus, Kill the King, and Capture the Quill.

What do you think of Paperbound?