Sony: The Order: 1886 to Have Some “Nice Surprises,” No Demo Planned

February 6, 2015Written by Alex Co


During a media preview event for The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne where PlayStation LifeStyle was invited, we got the chance to chat with Arata Naito, Marketing Manager, Asia Strategy Department of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia.

One of the questions we asked was while people see The Order as a graphical showcase for the PlayStation 4, some have mentioned that the gameplay isn’t really that groundbreaking, was that (graphics) one of the main reasons Sony is pushing for The Order as a game? 

The graphics quality of the game is outstanding. And of course, that’s not the only reason we’re pushing The Order as one of our main titles. We haven’t revealed much about the game, but when the game comes out on Feb 20, I think there will be nice surprises we can look forward to.

In the same interview, we asked Arata if we can expect a demo for The Order: 1886 before its release,  which he answered with, “There’s no plans for a demo.” Of course, Sony could change their mind at some point, but with just two weeks until release, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Unfortunately, the build showcased at the event was the same one Sony demoed at last December’s PlayStation Experience, which our own Chandler Wood previewed.

Would you want a demo for The Order before buying it or are you sold on it already based on its amazing visuals?