Far Cry 4 Overrun DLC Adds New PvP Mode & New Maps

Available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 when the PlayStation Store update goes live this week in North America and Europe, the Overrun DLC for Far Cry 4 adds a new PvP, new maps, and a new vehicle.

Ubisoft talked about Overrun in the above Developer Diary, with further details about what the pack includes right here:

  • New PvP Mode – Throughout the match, three designated locations will activate with only one location active at a time. Both factions compete to control the active zone and score points.  The more team members a faction has in the zone at a time, the more points they score.  Overrun plays in two rounds, and scores are totalled to determine the overall match winner.
  • Four New Maps – Maps have been specifically crafted to support the tactical yet frenetic gameplay of Overrun.  Each map offers a perfect balance of power between the Rakshasa and the Golden Path.
  • New Vehicle – To help even the score, the Golden Path have brought another vehicle into the mix.  The iconic dune buggy is now playable in this new PvP mode, giving the Golden Path a combination of speed and power to help dominate the fields of Overrun!

Overrun is available separately, or as part of the Season Pass. The next piece of DLC, Valley of the Yetis, will be released soon.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, the Far Cry 4 update earlier this month added co-op on Custom Maps.