Terraria: Otherworld Announced, PS4 & Xbox One Versions Under Consideration

Pointing out that this isn’t Terraria 2, Re-Logic and Engine Software have announced Terraria: Otherworld, which is in development for the PC and Mac. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game are under consideration, “but a final decision has not been made in that regard,” so let the developers know if you want to play the game on consoles.

Expanding upon the original Terraria and approaching gameplay in a new direction, Otherworld is set within an alternate deminsion within the Terraria universe. Stuck in a life-and-death struggle against an evil force, your job is to restore the world to what it once was, working together with other survivors.

“Combining the experience of sandbox gameplay with role-playing and strategy elements,” the description reads, “Terraria: Otherworld explores the Terraria experience in an innovative and unique way – providing a fresh approach to the ‘open world’ genre.”

Are you hoping that Re-Logic decides to bring Terraria: Otherworld to PS4?

[Source: Terraria Forums]