Sony: The Last Guardian is “Still in Development” (Update)

Update (February 18):

Yesterday, Sony sent a petition to the USPTO, saying their failure to extend The Last Guardian trademark was “unintentional” and they requested to have it revived. Shortly after, Sony was sent a response saying the revival has been granted.

Original Story:

If you were worried that yesterday’s abandonment of The Last Guardian trademark by Sony meant that the game was cancelled, Sony sent out a statement to GameSpot, confirming that it “is still in development.”

Sony didn’t provide any further information past that, so it appears the issues with the trademark could be the result of a clerical error where they simply forgot to renew it on time.

For a bit more information on this matter, Games Beat spoke with IP lawyer Jesse Saivar, where he said that Sony has to renew the trademark every six months as part of their three-year registration period, and they have filed the extension three times so far. “However,” he adds, “they had another January 15, 2015 deadline to file an extension and they did nothing.”

Saivar then mentions that Sony has two months to tell the USPTO it missed the deadline and ask for another extension.

Do you think we’ll hear more about The Last Guardian from Sony at some point this year?

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