Hunger by LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Developer Tarsier Studios Receives a Creepy Teaser Trailer

Unveiled last year, Hunger from Tarsier Studios (LittleBigPlanet PS Vita) was given a teaser trailer today, featuring some footage from the game.

A third-person 3D action adventure game where you play as Six, a girl kidnapped from her home to work in The Maw, the developers talked about Hunger:

At its heart, Hunger is a simple idea. A young girl is trapped in a labyrinth full of monsters and wants to escape. It will be your job to help her do this. It’s a genre we’re calling ‘suspense-adventure’, on account of the fact that there will be plenty of both. Coupled with an unnerving ‘Dollhouse Perspective’, tactile controls, and characters with soft, dark centres, Hunger will take your hand and let it go at the worst possible moment!

No release date was given, with Tarsier only saying that the “core of the game” is now well underway.

Although they didn’t name any platforms today, Tarsier said in May 2014 that they “are currently aiming to make it a downloadable title for PS4.”

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