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Take a Look at This Fan-Made Final Fantasy VII Sequel for the PSOne

While Final Fantasy VII might be the most famous entry in the history of the franchise, for some reason, Square Enix has yet to release a remaster or even a sequel. This is just what indie developer Rodensoft planned to do with its fan-made, Final Fantasy VII: Time Guardian for the PSOne.

Rodensoft, which is a studio based in Aomori Japan, started the sequel as a personal mod to the original game. Unfortunately, development on it has stopped, as the studio explains, “it’s a full time job and the scripting tools, while great, are quite restrictive compared to real coding.” Presently, Rodensoft is now working on its own original RPG using the Unreal Engine.

Here are some of the planned changes from FFVII to Time Guardian:

  • Day & Night System with Random Weather – Enemies at night can be far more dangerous.

  • Upgraded PHS – Check the time anywhere with a calendar system made up of months and years.

  • NPC Schedules – NPCs will do different things depending on the time of day, offering more dynamic gameplay.

  • “Change” System – Change the party leader at any time. If you’re bored with the current quest, you can freely change to another character within the PHS. Characters will remain where you last left them. If you switch between two characters in the same area, you’ll see the character you just left behind.

  • Time and the World – Shops and houses will open and close, and sounds and music will change, depending on the time of day. Time is calculated after battles and the world map.

  • Games – You can buy games like “G-Bike,” “Snowboard,” and “Torpedo Attack” for your PHS, which you can play to pass time in the game world.

  • Team System – Players will be able to form multiple parties, up to three teams of two or three characters. Your team members will follow you on the field.

  • Randomized Dungeons – Self-explanatory.

  • Open-World – An open-world spanning nine CDs, one for each character (this sounds like it was a bit ambitious, but the developer notes the PSone had support for up to nine unique CDs). The world features things like “well-used paths,” which are a “slightly safer” way to travel the overworld.

  • Field Skills – Extract resources and blow up doors (Barrett), pick locks and ninja jump (Yuffie), levitate (Vincent), etc.

You can check out the concept of the game in the video above.

Would you like Time Guardian to see the light of day? Or should we all stop with our FFVII love-fest after all these years?

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