Bloodborne Interactive Trailer Gives Viewers Free PS4 Theme After Watching It

March 9, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Bloodborne Theme

A new interactive trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive title Bloodborne has just been released, and viewers who watch the whole thing will get a special reward.

The trailer, which can be watched here, allows viewers to choose certain things that they want to see. For example, would you rather see gameplay footage of someone taking down a monster with a hammer or a whip? Or, would you rather see footage of single player gameplay or online co-op gameplay? There are a lot of different options to choose from, and, if you go through them all, you will receive a code to download a free Bloodborne PS4 theme. A screenshot of the theme can be seen above, and it looks pretty awesome.

If you want to save time, NeoGAF users have listed the universal codes online, and they are:

  • North America: J4ND-DJNH-K3C7
  • Europe: PBGA-HJNC-LQ99

The theme will apparently not be available until March 11 to download, although some NeoGAF members reported that they were able to download it already. I tried to code and nothing happened, so I will just wait until the 11th to see what happens. What do you think of the nifty interactive Bloodborne trailer? How about the cool new theme?

[Source: Zentrick via NeoGAF]