Sony Doesn’t Have “Anything to Announce at This Time” Regarding PS4 Video Chat

In a recent episode of PlayStation’s new TV series, Powers, one of the characters is shown video chatting with another person on a PlayStation 4, leading many to speculate that the feature was on its way.

However, in a statement sent to GameSpot yesterday, a PlayStation representative confirmed there is nothing to announce at this time for PS4 video chat:

This was a PIP mock-up of video chat through a TV for an episode of Powers. We do not have anything to announce at this time regarding video chat for PS4.

While Sony might not have anything to announce, ooVoo Vice President Brian Liebler did say in a CES 2015 video interview posted by YouTube user SamueltehG33k that he hopes to have their video chat app up on the PS4 in late Q2 2015. Since that interview though, ooVoo has been silent about any further plans.

How often would you use video chat if it came to PS4?

[Source: GameSpot via IGN, SamueltehG33k (YouTube)]