Battlefield Hardline Exploit Lets You Jump the Gun a Few Seconds Early in “Rescue” and “Crosshair”

March 25, 2015Written by Alex Co

While people are still leveling up their characters in Battlefield Hardline, it seems there’s a known issue that’s making the rounds.

In the video above, a Battlefield Hardline exploit is shown wherein a player can get a few seconds’ head start on the enemy in the Rescue and Crosshair game modes. It’s actually very easy to do, and I gather, some people might already be using it. If you’ve played both modes, you might have noticed a countdown timer that prevents you from running and getting into position until it’s over, right? Well, a quick way to circumvent that is just to press “Options” and then back again. Once you’ve done that, you can take that extra 4-5 seconds to get into position and if you’re lucky, take someone out before they know what hits them.

Odds are, Visceral doesn’t know about this yet, but they soon will if they give the video a watch. 

Have you noticed other Battlefield Hardline exploits in mutiplayer? Share ’em in the comments below to make your fellow shootbro aware.

[Source: Pixel Enemy (YouTube)]