Final Fantasy XIV Update 2.55 Out Today, Prepares Players for Heavensward

Even though Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s “Heavensward” expansion is still a few months away, there is reason to rejoice in the Realm today.

Update 2.55, called “Before the Fall,” is now live, adding a whole bunch of new quests, storyline content, and more. You’ll be fighting dragons and exploring new plot elements — both of which will get you ready for the “Heavensward” expansion.

Of course, most of the content is aimed at seasoned players, so you newcomers won’t have too many things to play around with, barring a few tweaks to a number of general gameplay things. To see a full list of all the new things update 2.55 has just added into FFXIV, check out the official Final Fantasy website here

[Source: PlayStation Blog, Final Fantasy XIV]