Mortal Kombat X DLC Characters Can Be Tried Out Without Having to Purchase Them

A lot of awesome DLC characters will become available in Mortal Kombat X in the months after the fighting game releases on April 14, but it looks like you won’t need to blindly purchase them.

According to Creative Director Ed Boon, who spoke to the Angry Joe Show in a video interview, players will be able to try out the DLC characters in the Living Towers mode without having to hand over any money. 

And every time you turn the game on, there’s going to be three towers in the Living Towers section. One changes every hour, one changes every day, and one is called the Premier Tower, which is kind of like an event tower.

So for instance, if [DLC character Jason Voorhees] comes along, you’re going to have a Jason tower that you play as Jason. And you can even use that tower if you didn’t purchase Jason. So it’s really cool, it gives the players a taste of what the character [is] and what it’s like to play them.

What do you think? Will you be trying out the Mortal Kombat X DLC characters before you buy them, or will you be jumping right in and pre-ordering that Season Pass?

[Source: Angry Joe Show (YouTube) via VG247]