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Dragon Quest Heroes Keeps Big DLC Updates Rolling

I absolutely loved Dragon Quest Heroes right out of the box, but the DLC support has been pretty good too. The first round’s highlight was Dragon Quest IV‘s Psaro making his way into the game as a free additional character. Skip to about the 7:20 mark of this video to check him out:

Later, Terry got a sub story that looked like this:

The most recent round of DLC brings in a battle against the dreaded Zoma from Dragon Quest III:

Dragon Quest Heroes was already a big game whose main story alone took me about 40 hours, but it’s nice to see it getting even bigger. The game will come to North America and Europe later within 2015 as a PS4 exclusive.There is no word of yet whether these DLC updates will be included on the international disc or released separately as they were for the Japanese audience.

You can check out a review of the completed game here and a whole bunch of screenshots here, and other Japanese import coverage in the links below.

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