Gamer Academy- Bloodborne Guide: Surviving in Yharnam

(Ed’s note: With how big Bloodborne is, this guide is, as you can see, a work in progress. We’ll constantly be updating it with more info, tips and boss strategies in the coming days, so be sure to bookmark this page)

So you decided to pick up Bloodborne on your PlayStation 4. It’s a great game, but it is very challenging. So hopefully this beginner’s Bloodborne guide to surviving in Yharnam helps you. We’ve categorized this guide into the different areas of Yharnam. Just click one to follow through with screenshots and videos to help you out.

1st Floor Sickroom

Central Yharnam

Great Bridge

Yharnam Sewers

Tomb of Oedon (coming soon)

Cathedral Ward (coming soon)

Old Yharnam (coming soon)

Church of the Good Chalice (coming soon)

Cleric Beast

Graveyard of the Darkbeast