Battlefield Hardline Stats Show 2 Billion Minutes Have Been Played, Cops Win More Multiplayer Matches

While the good guys might not always win, it looks like they are doing pretty well for themselves in Battlefield Hardline.

According to EA’s newly released Hardline statistics, the cops have won 52 percent of multiplayer games, of 224,943,351 have been played. The most used class in multiplayer games is the Operator class, while the most popular game mode is Hotwire.

Battlefield Hardline Stats

The stats also show that over a whopping 2 billion minutes have been played in Hardline, which is around 3,800 years. That’s a whole lot of game time. 

Looking at the statistics above, does anything stand out to you? How many minutes have you played Battlefield Hardline for?

[Source: Battlefield]