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EA Looking to Make a Need for Speed Movie Sequel

Did you like last year’s Need for Speed movie? Well, regardless if you liked it or not, EA is looking to push ahead with a sequel.

According to Variety, most of Need for Speed Movie 2 (not the official title) will be filmed in China, with the country’s actors taking on significant roles. EA is aiming to partner with the same Chinese companies (China Movie Channel Program Center, Jiaflix Enterprises and 1905 Pictures) that helped Paramount make Transformers: Age of Extinction.

However, production can’t start until EA negotiates with and secures the rights to the sequel from DreamWorks, which produced the first film. More over, the negotiations haven’t even begun, according to a studio rep.

Last year’s Need for Speed flick starred Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, and while panned critically, managed to earn an estimated $203 million in the box office, with its production budget estimated to be at $66 million. Out of its earnings, $65 million came from China, which explains why production companies from the country are eager for a sequel.

Would you watch a new Need for Speed film? What can EA do to ensure the sequel will be loved by series fans?

[Source: Variety via Eurogamer]