Home Releases Next Week in Europe on PS4 & PS Vita, PlayStation Plus Members Save 50%

Available in North America since October 2014, Home from Benjamin Rivers is finally coming to Europe next week on Wednesday, April 15. A cross-buy title on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Plus members will get 50% off during the first week as a thank you for everyone’s patience.

Rivers talked about the delay:

I’m a one-man operation (for the most part), and so a combination of timing, issues with my middleware, moving, teaching, simultaneously working on the new game, inexperience with European rating processes, trying to track down weird bugs, etc. delayed things.

You can check out our review of Home right here, or read Rivers’ description below:

If you haven’t played or heard of Home, what’s the big deal? Well, it’s a horror-themed adventure game with a story you control. You wake up in a dark, dusty house that isn’t yours, with a pain in your leg and a desperate need to make sure your wife is okay. Home is a unique experience — there’s no inventory, no combat, and no death. It’s a narrative-focused game you get sucked into and just play.

This is one murder mystery where very key details of the plot, and the outcome, are entirely up to the player. It’s not that the game features simple binary choices and a good ending or bad ending — it pays attention to you and your decisions, and as you play, the story unfolds according to your actions. What you learn by the end will be far more nuanced than you might expect. And, as with a real mystery, you might not get all the answers, which is why Home players often run through the game more than once.

Addressing a comment that Home looks a lot like Lone Survivor, Rivers says Lone Survivor is more “traditional” survival horror, while Home is “a much more narrative-heavy experiment.”

[Source: PS Blog]