PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Systems Have Sold 350,000 Units in the UK This Year

It’s only April, but already Sony and Microsoft have sold a combined 350,000 PlayStation 4 and Xbox One units in the UK this year.

A report, released by MCV, unfortunately does not separate the sales, meaning there is no way to determine how many units each console sold individually. They mentioned that store data, which they used to compile their report, does not accurately differentiate between the two. Even so, those are pretty big numbers after only a few months into 2015.

Last month, it was reported that around 20.2 million PS4 units have been sold worldwide since the console’s late 2013 launch. That’s a pretty big number, considering the console hasn’t been around all that long.

What do you think of these UK sales numbers? Are you surprised by them at all?

[Source: MCV via VideoGamer]