PS5 Sales February 2023

PS5 Sales ‘Comfortably’ Beating Switch and Xbox in Europe for February 2023

PS5 sales continue to be impressive at the start of this year. The Sony console is ‘comfortably’ overtaking both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S consoles for February 2023 in Europe, according to on the latest GSD numbers.

Xbox Series console sales have improved but they’re still in third place

PS5 sales during this time period is more than double the Nintendo Switch, which is down 28% across Europe and face a similar decline in the UK. This is based on the latest analysis by, which also reveals that Microsoft had a 13% sales increase when compared to its results in February last year. However, the Xbox Series X|S is still in third place across Europe.

This follows an earlier report that PS5 sales in the UK have spiked up 316% in February 2023. This is mainly due to sluggish sales last year due to a shortage in PS5 consoles that no longer seems to be an issue. GSD sales don’t cover the UK and Germany, so it’s good to see these sales figures coincide with one another, at least for one of these territories.

Meanwhile, Hogwarts Legacy had an extraordinary launch month as well. It not only took the top spot on the European charts above FIFA 23 for February 2023, but its launch was bigger “than every Call of Duty game released since 2017.”

An industry analyst in late February stated that PS5 sales are beating Microsoft’s consoles during this console generation by 11.5 million units sold. However, it’s still behind PS4 sales in terms of the number of consoles sold by this point in time in their lifecycles.